Cordelia Cruises Packages in India

How appealing do you find the idea of "waking up to a new destination everyday"? Evidently, all of us experience shivers of excitement just from using our imaginations. What if we told you that Cordelia Cruises offers you the chance to sail the gorgeous Indian Ocean? It certainly sounds wonderful. Is it not? A number of amazing seaside locations, including Goa, Andaman, Kochi, Mumbai, Ganapatipule, and Diu, will host the commencement of the cruise tour. Cordelia Cruises is prepared to provide you with the stunning Indian coastline. To see all Cordelia Cruise Packages, click here.

A journey of Empress Of The Seas

  Empress of the Seas is nothing short of a fantasy realised. Each person finds it exhilarating to see this charming cruise. You would undoubtedly fall in love with it due to its charm and attractiveness.

  The Empress of the Seas needs a quick tour. The renowned company Cordelia Cruises from India just acquired the cruise ship Empress of the Seas.

  You will experience passion and elegance once you are on board. There is no end to the delights Empress of the Seas can provide you with, including fantastic meals, breathtaking activities, and live entertainment. You may enjoy it despite anything.

  It operates in the opulent ports of India, including Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Vizag, Mormugao, Lakshadweep, as well as on Sri Lanka's international shore.

What will you get when you are onboard?

 You could, however, awaken in the middle of the water and take pleasure in its tranquilly and rhythmic sounds. Empress of the Seas is without a doubt the most opulent cruise in India. Its onboard amenities, delectable fare, and refreshing experience will wow you.

Inclusive Services

 Variety of Food: Empress offers various dining options onboard, such as Continental, oriental, Mughlai, and even Indian street food. You will enjoy Southeast Asia’s taste onboard with our oriental restaurant calling attention from Japan’s flavors to Thailand. Either, you can enjoy the elegant dishes made by our talented chefs. Even if you want some quick plates, we have a food plaza for you, where you will have pizzas, tandoors, grills, and Indian street food. Moreover, we have a special place for Jain food to make you feel delightful while maintaining your diet.

  Homeliness: Housing for you that will make you feel homely and luxurious.

  Sun- Soaked Pool Fun: Nothing can be greater than starting the day diving into the pool. Pool time, not only cheer up kids, but the adults also love it. So, spend your time at the pool area, along with your kids.

  Adventurous Activities: Adventure on the ship! Sounds great. You will explore rock-climbing wall facilities onboard for thrill lovers with many compelling activities.

  Casinos: Casinos will be open for everyone, free of cost.

  The Party Place: Can’t imagine the thrill of the party in the middle of the ocean? Then, experience it with us. We have The Dome for you to make your trip unforgettable.

  Food that your child will love to have: It’s so boring to have the usual food on a tour. Isn’t it? Thus, the cruise company has hired skillful chefs for you to take care of your desires by cooking international cuisines. Family dining is definitely an inevitable culture of India; therefore, the staff looks after every minor aspect.

  Exclusive Reading Zone: A long journey along with a quiet and calm environment is the perfect scenery to read books. Cruise has special reading zones for the book lovers at Empress, which has an inspiring books collection.

  Fitness spot: You’ll have access to the gym and fitness centers.

  Entertainment: Entertainment facilities, in the form of live music shows and stand-up comedy.

Exclusive services

  If you were eagerly waiting for a fun family holiday, this is the best time for it. Surprise your family with a holiday plan like never before. Take them to a new world of amusement on the cruise.

  We assure you that these bunches of amazing provisions by Cordelia cruise will be one of your most comfortable journeys. Wait, are you pondering upon the Cordelia Cruise prices?

  Well, you are thinking in the right place. However, luxury is not so cheap. But, you will be happy to know that the price for the tour will not put so much of a burden on your pocket. The Empress is offering so many facilities to you, for which the fare, for your tour, is justifying. Also, the price depends on your boarding and destination point, which may differ.

  So, if you are also willing to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones and want them to enjoy leaving the pandemic situation behind, do book the tour. This journey will be unforgettable for you and your family.

Cordelia Cruises Packages

Chennai - High Seas - Colombo - High Seas - Male - High Seas - Goa - Mumbai

7 Nights | Coastal Odyssey


Chennai - High Seas - Colombo

2 Nights | Sundowner Cruise to Colombo


Chennai - High Seas - Colombo - Galle - Trincomalee - Chennai

5 Nights | Sri Lankan Extravaganza


Chennai - at Sea - at Sea – Kochi

3 Nights | Escape To Kochi


Chennai - at Sea - Chennai

2 Nights | Chennai Cruise


Chennai - Puducheery - Chennai

2 Nights |Chennai Puducheery Refresher


Chennai - at Sea – Visakhapatnam - at Sea – Puducherry – Chennai

5 Nights |Chennai Seacation


Chennai - at Sea – Visakhapatnam

2 Nights | Getaway to Visakhapatnam


Chennai - at Sea - at Sea – Kochi - at Sea – Mumbai

5 Nights | Chennai Empress


Chennai - at Sea - (Tech Call Trincomalee ) - Chennai

4 Nights | Cruise to Chennai


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